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August 29,2017

Hello again!  It's getting to be apple time and you will be able to satisfy your craving for a great MN grown apple real soon.  We open for the season on Thursday, August 31st, and will have Beacon and Zestar! apples available.  I've had several calls about cider and we will be doing our first press of the season on September 1st so be sure to stop by to pick up a jug.  We offer gallons and half-gallon sizes.  We have a beautiful apple crop this year to share with you.  See you at the orchard!


September16, 2016

Hello everyone!  We have SweeTango apples and fresh pressed cider available now.  Stop by to feed that love that comes from MN grown apples.  Chestnut are still hanging on the tree trying to sweeten up Honeycrisp picking is fast approaching, along with Sweet 16, then Frostbite, followed by Haralson with SnowSweet bringing up the rear.  The sales room is full of homemade crafts and goodies this year.  Alex and Shannon have done an exceptional job crafting!  Bear fat soap, sugar scrub, and Tootsie Relief (for those tired and sore muscles-feet too!) are here.  Honey from the orchard is also on the shelf.

Taste testing of the jams, jellies, salsas, butters, bbq sauces, cider, and dressings are always available to do. Stop in for a cup of coffee or hot cider. 


August 24, 2016

It's apple time everyone!!  Fall is just around the corner and the apples are growing, turning red, and getting ready to meet you again this year.  It's been a tough year with all the rain and humidity raining down around us for the last three months.  That makes for a lot of disease and pest problems for apples.  The Beacon are looking good and ready to be picked.  The Zestar! are also ready for picking but are not the prettiest due to apple scab.  Guess we'll just be pressing that awesome cider sooner than we thought!  

We look forward to seeing everyone when we open September 1st.  We have new crafts, jellies, jams, apple sauce, bbq sauces, dressings, cider, bear fat soap, etc just waiting for you. Enjoy the rest of summer and stop by for the best apples you will ever taste-Minnesota grown apples!! 


November 2, 2015

It's that time of year again when we realize how great it is to have wonderful customers who support us; and we most humbly thank each and everyone of you for your continued trust and support.  We truly love getting to know everyone who comes through our door and wants to talk apples, seeing young and old ooh and aah over the kitties, taste our cider for the first time and fall in love with it, and just want to see whats new at Cider Flats.  We couldn't do it without a lot of help from our sons, Jesse, Cliff, and Lee, and their families.  Jeff and I love and appreciate them for the special talents and gifts they each bring and share to make the orchard come alive with laughter, love, and ties that bind us as a family.  We are truly blessed!  Thank you all for a great season and we'll see you next fall………...


October 29, 2015

October 31st will be our last day to be open for the 2015 season.  Be sure to stop in and stock up on Honeycrisp, cider, jams, jellies, bbq sauces, etc this is the time to get them.  We will be doing a final press Friday the 30th so you can have the freshest cider available for the long, cold, windy winter; we all know it's coming our way!!  

It's been a great season and Jeff and I along with our boys and their families thank you for your continued support!


October 22, 2015

Another beautiful day at the orchard!  It's been an awesome fall and I can't believe it's winding down already.  The apples are all picked and we are almost sold out, the leaves are falling, and Halloween is fast approaching; which all means our season is coming to an end.  October 31st is our last day open so stop by to stock up on Honeycrisp for the long winter.  We still have some SnowSweet and Haralson - a very limited supply - so don't wait too long if you love these apple varieties.  We also have Honeycrisp and Chestnut frozen cider to warm you up on a cold winter's day along with the jams and jellies, salsas, dressings, bbq sauces, honey, and syrups to tempt your palate.  

You can find us at the Fall Festival at Morningside Farm in Pine City Friday and Saturday.  It is a great time with lots of great people coming together to offer their handmade items; you will be pleasantly pleased with the items available.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate but if it doesn't don't let that keep you from stopping by; you won't regret it.

Hope to see you one last time this fall.


October 14, 2015

SnowSweet will be available starting Saturday the 17th!!!  There is a limited quantity so don't wait too long to stop by and pick up a bag.  Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Haralson, and Chestnut are still available.  Don't forget to pick up a jug of cider; we have plenty in the freezer just waiting for you.  The kittens are getting big and so very curious.  They will make you smile and realize life should be enjoyed while spending some time with them.  We still have pumpkins and a few squash.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather we have been having.  


October 1, 2015

Goodness the year is flying by!  We have been busy pressing 175 gallons of cider; you can taste test Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Zestar!, and Beacon.  Chestnut is also available in frozen form.  The pumpkin patch opens on Saturday; stop by and pick out your pumpkin and carve it under the picnic shelter leaving the innards at the orchard.  We now have swings for you to enjoy while sipping a cup of hot cider and maybe cuddling with a kitten or two!  Fall is in full swing and we hope you enjoy it to it's fullest!  See you at the orchard.


September 24, 2015

The Honeycrisp are here!!!  We have just started picking them and they are beautiful and big.  You won't be disappointed in the crunch, juiciness, taste, and beautiful color they have developed.  Fall is the best time of the year and Honeycrisp makes it that much better.  Stop by for a bag or two this weekend.  We still have lots of SweeTango, Chestnut, and a few bags of Zestar!.  The freezer had a lot of Chestnut cider and a small number of SweeTango.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend coming our way.


September 18, 2015

The Honeycrisp has a lovely shower with yesterday's rain and they are taking on a beautiful red color.  You have waited a long year for them to return and I don't think you will be disappointed when you get the chance to take that first bite!  

SweeTango and Chestnut are available now along with a few Zestar!.  We have plenty of frozen SweeTango and Chestnut cider.  Don't wait too long to stop in and pick up some as it won't last long.  

Still no suspects on the burglary that happened on August 28th.  We have a $1,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.  Enjoy the day and hope to see you at the orchard.


September 12, 2015

SweeTango is ready!!!!!!!!  We have a beautiful crop this year and you won't be disappointed in it's taste.  Zestar! are going fast and won't last much longer.  Chestnut are coming up real soon.  Honeycrisp are still a couple weeks out at this point; that could change so keep checking back here and on Facebook for updates.  We will be pressing cider today so stop by and pick up a fresh jug or two.  


September 1, 2015

Unreal that summer is winding down and we're gearing up for fall already!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and will be ready for you on Thursday the 3rd!  Beacon and Zestar! will be waiting for you to fall in love with again.  Chestnut and SweeTango won't be too much longer before they are ready.  They both look gorgeous hanging on the trees; have great red color and look so tempting.  Honeycrisp will be next along with Sweet 16 and Haralson.  Bringing up the end of season will be SnowSweet.  Enjoy the day.


August 18, 2015

We will be opening September 3rd for the 2015 season.  Zestar! apples will be ready and we have a beautiful crop this year.  Hope to see you this fall for apples and cider!!


June 25, 2015

Wow, I am a lot late of posting any information on this website.  Shame on me for neglecting it.  

There will not be a cherry or plum crop this year.  Mother Nature was hard on the trees and we have lost some of them and the fruit crop also.  The apples look great and are showing much promise for this fall.  

We have three new kittens to greet you this fall.  The are named Peanut Butter, Tom, and Tater (temporary name) and they make even the crabbiest person smile!


November 7, 2014

Our 2014 season has ended and we would love to thank everyone for being such great customers and making Cider Flats your fall family tradition!!  We will be doing one final cider press on November 10th and cider will be available by calling 320-279-0014 while supplies last.  


October 29, 2014

This will be our last weekend for the season.  We are having a sale on Haralson and Sweet 16 apples; buy 3 bags and get the 4th free.  Don't forget to stock up on your favorite jams, jellies, syrups, salsa, butters, soaps, etc.  Sorry, but we are out of cider for the year.  Hope to see everyone one last time this weekend. 


October 22, 2014

We still have plenty of Honeycrisp, Haralson, and Sweet 16 apples, a limited supply of Honeycrisp cider and Zestar! cider, 6 pumpkins, a few squash, dried Honeycrisp apple rings, apple cider spice mix, jams, jellies, syrups, soap, and apple wood for smoking.  This may be our last weekend open depending on how fast things move.  I'll keep the website updated along with Facebook.  Enjoy the great fall weather we have been having.


October 16, 2014

Honeycrisp is still available along with SnowSweet, Haralson, and Sweet 16! Stop by to stock up on your favorite MN apples.  We have been out of cider for almost 2 weeks and I am happy to inform everyone that we will be pressing again Friday.  I know it won't last so be sure to stop by early.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having.


October 6, 2014

HONEYCRISP will be available on Thursday the 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Be sure to stop in as we will have a limited supply this year.  I know you don't want to miss out on your favorite apple of the season; it's been a long wait but well worth it.  Haralson are still not ready but it shouldn't be much longer.  


October 2, 2014

The Honeycrisp are still hanging on the trees in the orchard; they just don't want to sweeten up so we can pick them!  Such is nature......  We still have SweeTango, Zestar!, pumpkins, squash, and the raspberries are still going as of this posting.  Don't know if they will last much long with the colder weather fast approaching.  We also have apple wood for those of you who like to use it to smoke meats or know of someone who does.  

I take consolation in the rain - at least it's not SNOW!!!  Enjoy the day and stop by when you get a chance.


September 25, 2014

What beautiful fall weather we are having and I hope everyone is enjoying it and getting all those last minute things done.  Available at the orchard is SweeTango, Zestar!, cider, pumpkins, squash, and pick your own raspberries.  I hope you get a chance to stop in for some truly great tasting apples this fall. 


September 18, 2014

Goodness, but time sure slips by quickly and silently.  We are busy at the orchard; SweeTango will be available on Saturday the 20th, we still have Zestar! and a few Chestnut Crab.  Autumn and Bob (short for Bob For Apples), our two new kittens, are busy greeting people at the door and soaking up any and all attention that comes their way!  

The apples are truly scrumptious this year; the Zestar! are the juiciest, SweeTango are the best we have ever had, and the Honeycrisp are on the way to ripening (no I can't rush them!).  We have cider that was froze right after being pressed.  Make sure to stop in and stock up for the winter that is fast approaching.  Also available at the orchard is wild rice, maple syrup, honey directly from the orchard, homemade soaps, mittens, felted wool dryer balls, dried apple rings, and the jams, jellies, and syrups.  

Hopefully the raspberries will still be pickable this weekend.  Stop by for a cup of cider, a cuddle with the kitties, and a bag of MN grown apples; you won't be disappointed!!


September 5, 2014

The Zestar!, Beacon, and Chestnut Crabs are picked and just waiting for you to stop by and take some home.  We will also be pressing Zestar! and Paula Reds cider this weekend.  Don't' forget that we also have honey, maple syrup, wild rice, felted wool dryer balls, homemade soaps, jams, and jellies.  We can also make up gift baskets for that special occasion you have coming up.  Stop by this weekend for a cup of cider or coffee.  Enjoy the lovely fall weather.


August 28, 2014

It's time to open the doors and sell some apples to our fantastic customers!  We have Paula Red apples at this time and some awesome fresh pressed unpasteurized cider to start the season.  The cider is from cider apples and a little more tart than what you have come to expect from Cider Flats.  I think you will like it and I'll have a cider mix available to sweeten it if you so desire.  The apples are taking on a beautiful red color and growing into what we have all been waiting for; a delicious MN homegrown apple!!  

Unfortunately, we won't be having the hay pile and corn box this year.  It was a big attraction to unwanted visitors and needed to be removed.  We did purchase a grain bin to replace the corn box and had great intentions of getting that on a cement floor, but summer whizzed by again and it's still sitting in the middle of the yard and not ready.  Sorry about that kids.  We have also decided to discontinue offering making your own caramel apples; we didn't sell enough to cover the cost of the caramel!  Sorry about that kids - big and small!  And last but certainly not least, we didn't get a chance to plant pumpkins or squash with the wet spring and summer.  We hope to be purchasing them from a local grower and will know more shortly.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Raspberries are ripening up but the dreaded SWD bug is still around.  There are many good berries waiting for you.  Hope to see you this weekend.  If not, have a safe weekend.


July 10, 2014

Goodness, but I hadn't realized April 25th was the last post!  We've been busy at the orchard this spring and summer.  Unfortunately, we have lost a significant number of Honeycrisp trees for various reasons.  We will be replacing them next spring.  The apple crop will be smaller than last year; let's hope Mother Nature has no surprises in store for us this year.

The bees are busy making pound after pound of honey.  The honeyberries had a few berries for us to taste.  They taste a lot like a blueberry with a lemon tart flavor.  

Unfortunately, we don't have a cherry or plum crop this year.  Hopefully next year will be our year of a good crop.


April 25, 2014

Happy Spring everyone!!  We are busy at the orchard and preparing to get even busier as the weather brings us the promise of new growth and warmth.  The pruning is complete and we are preparing to plant another 500+ trees in May.  We are adding 6 new varieties:  Honeygold, Haralson (red), Lakeland, State Fair, Frostbite, and Sweet 16, along with adding to our totals of Zestar!s.  The bee population will also be increasing this year.  Mike, our beekeeper, will be significantly increasing the number of hives.  That is very exciting news and we look forward to watching his business grow right along with the orchard.  

The most exciting news is the micro-nutrient program we will be implementing this year for the trees!  The more healthy our trees the less diseases we will need to deal with.  As always, if you have questions please give us a call.  


December 11, 2013

Wow!  Where has 2013 gone?  The orchard is tucked in for the winter; we didn't get everything done that should have gotten done, but we did our best and the rest will be waiting in the spring for us to finish.  We had a very successful year thanks to everyone who made Cider Flats their orchard of choice.  We thank you so very much for your patronage.  When we started there were the usual doubts and questions every business has but you have proven a local apple orchard was a great idea for the Hinckley area.  

New trees have been ordered for spring planting!  New ideas are taking shape for items in the sales room.  We did purchase a new cider press and actually pressed over 80 gallons in one day.  We are really excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.  As we approach the Christmas season our family's wish is that your family has a truly beautiful, peaceful, and loving Christmas with family and friends.  Take time to really enjoy this special time of the year and cherish every minute of it.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!!!


October 28, 2013

It is amazing that our season is coming to an end so quickly; it's been a beautiful fall with the colorful leaves, warm temps, much needed moisture, and delicious apples to bite into!!  It's our last weekend to be open for this year.  Specials for Thursday through Sunday are:  buy 3 bags of Honeycrisp apples and get the 4th one FREE, SnowSweet and Fireside will be included in this special also, and the jams and jellies will be $1 off the regular price.  It's our hope that everyone loves a sale and will want to stock up on apples, jams, and jellies for the winter.  Or maybe as gifts for that someone special.  Or maybe just because you want to treat yourself!  As always, this is a "while supplies last" sale so don't wait too long to stop in for the best selection.  We have frozen cider and will be offering it for sale through the coming holidays.  Give us a call if you would like to place an order for some. 


October 14, 2013

What a beautiful weekend we had at the orchard!  The Honeycrisp are all picked, washed, sorted, and ready to be bagged for you to take home and enjoy.  SnowSweet will be ready for sale this weekend.  I'm sorry to say, but the Haralson will not be available this year.  They had a horrible year and look like they are ready for Halloween!  Pretty ugly and scary they are.  We will be pressing more cider this weekend.  

We are happy to bring back the "Guess the weight of your pumpkin and it's free" special this Thursday through Sunday (MEA weekend).  There is still a good assortment of pumpkins growing in our weed patch!  Stop in and find the perfect one for you.  

Our plan is to be open through November 3rd.  It's been a great fall and we look forward to seeing you at the orchard.


October 4, 2013

This message is for Diane Scheremet who contacted us about information she received from our local grocery store.  We are not certified organic.  We do implement an integrated pest management program, but we do spray when conditions warrant it.  All orchards spray to control disease and pests.  We always try to use the least harmful spray for humans and the environment.  I hope this clarifies your concerns.  If you are not happy with your purchase of Cider Flats apples, please bring your remaining apples to the orchard and we will refund your money.  I have been unable to email you for some reason.  Karen


October 3, 2013

I'm sorry for the lapse in staying up to date on this website.  Time is flying by so fast and there are lots of apples demanding our time.  That's a good thing to have happen.  Our local stores, Daggett's IGA and Chris' Food Center in Sandstone and Pine City have been keeping us hopping with orders for more Honeycrisp!  That's another good thing to have happen!!  The rain makes it harder for picking, but we are not going to complain about the moisture.  The apples are delicious and look quite pretty too.  Stop by one of the stores or better yet at the orchard to pick up your fall treat of fresh, just picked apples or try some of our unpasteurized apple cider (trust me you won't be disappointed).  


September 26, 2013

The Honeycrisp are coming!  The Honeycrisp are coming Saturday the 28th!!  We will be picking tomorrow and have them ready for sale on Saturday.  It's been a long time since last fall's first tasty scrumptious bite of our state fruit.  The flavor is awesome, the juice runs down your chin, and the crunch is a wake up call to what an apple should be!!  Come out to the orchard and satisfy your hunger for good locally grown apples.  We also have pumpkins, squash, gourds, and raspberries.  We hope to see you soon!!


September22, 2013

Happy Fall everyone!!  Just want to let everyoneknow that we are completely sold out in Zestar! and SweeTangos!!!!!!!  We do have several bushels of seconds of SweeTangos if anyone is interested in getting great apples with some bruising and other defects.  We do have lots of the Chestnut Crabs.  They are an ugly little apple and do not taste anything like a normal crab apple.  They have a nutty flavor and are just the right size for those that want a small apple. 

We are hoping the Honeycrisp will be ready late next week for picking.  Stay tuned for future updates!


Wow, what a busy two  weeks!!  SweeTango, Chestnut Crabs, and Zestar! are still available for this weekend.  We pressed Chestnut Crabs on Sunday and it makes a wonderful cider.  We will be pressing more this weekend.  The Honeycrisp are not ready yet!!  Did a taste test and they are quite tart so we will wait until they have reached their peak.  If you keep up with us on FaceBook, you will know we had an 8 point buck residing in the orchard for a week before we even noticed him and eventually got him to vacate the premises!  He beat up his antlers quite badly and I don't think he'll be back anytime soon!   The rain Saturday was so badly needed in the area and we are thankful for the 1" we got.  Come see us at the orchard  and enjoy a cup of cider or coffee.  Enjoy the beautiful season that fall always brings to us! 


September 6, 2013

The Zestar! are picked , washed, sorted, and  bagged!  We only have 6 bushel of the firsts and 3 bushel of the seconds.  If Zestar! is your favorite, don't wait too long to come get some as they will go fast.  The SweeTangos and Chestnuts will be picked tomorrow.  We have some new items in the Apple Shack so come out and see what you just can't live without!!  Hope to see you this fall.


August 31, 2013

It is official we will be opening September 5th!!!  There will be a limited supply of Zestar! and SweeTango.  Come out to visit us and see what's new and what's growing.  We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing some great tasting apples.  Just a reminder that we now accept credit cards along with cash and checks.  We hope you enjoy the fall.  Give us a call if you have questions or want to check availability.


August 28, 2012

The summer has flown by so quickly!  Labor Day is here, school starts next week, and the apples are almost ready to be picked.  I love fall!!!!  We've been busy getting the Apple Shack cleaned up, stocked, and ready to welcome some hungry apple lovers.  We hope to open September 5th.  The Chestnut, Zestar!, and SweeTango will be available first.  The Honeycrisp will be ripe around the middle of September or so.  The apple crop  looks good and the apples will be smaller in size; perfect for school lunches or snacking.  Give us a call or drop an email if you have questions about anything.  See you soon!!!!!!


August 12, 2013

Looks like July got away from me and didn't take time to post anything here!!  Things are getting busy at the orchard.  We're still fencing, cleaning and organizing the salesroom and back of the shed, mowing lawn, watching the  weeds get aggressive in the pumpkin patch, and just getting excited to watch the apples grow and take on color.  A 4 wheeler, trailer, skill saw, gas cans, and miscellaneous tools were stolen from the orchard in July.  We did get the 4 wheeler back and still hope the remaining items will be returned!!  The thief was caught-even better than getting things back!!

We had a small crop of sour cherries this year.  We had lots of people wanting them, but they were all gone.  Middle July to the end of July is the peak for them.  They make excellent jams, jellies, and juice as well as pies!

I'll post on FaceBook and here when we will be opening.  Labor Day is coming soon and I'm not sure any apples will be ready that early.  Please check back or give us a call at 320-384-6811 or cell # 320-279-0014.


June 10. 2013

The pumpkins, squash, gourds, and sweet corn have been planted and seem to be fairing quite well with all the rain and cooler temperatures.  We were worried the cooler temperatures would keep the bees away from the apple blossoms, but things are looking quite well at this point. The honeyberries (Indigo Gem) and two varieties of dwarf sour cherries are in the ground and thriving.  We will pick up four more varieties of honeyberries this week and plant them asap!  They are Tundra, Borealis, Cinderella, and Berry Blue.  We are so excited to experiment with something new.  Posted on our Facebook page are some gorgeous pictures of the spring blossoms (apple, cherry, and plum). 


Good News!- We will be accepting credit cards when we open this fall!!  The jams, jellies, and other goodies have been ordered.  I have been busy making homemade jelly from our Honeycrisp apples to sell also.  Actually there is plum and cherry jellies too. We are looking forward to a great year and can't wait to see you this fall. 


May 17, 2013

It's been a busy spring for us at the orchard.  We decided to pull out almost all of the Fireside trees and a few others that were affected by the fire blight from last year.  Hopefully, this year will be more normal for temperatures and not breed the bacteria like last year.  Our first shipment of honeyberries will arrive shortly with another shipment  the middle of June.  The pumpkin, squash, and gourd seeds have been started and are shooting up like crazy.  It'll be great to get them in the ground and watch them take over the field. 


The apple, plum, and cherry trees are loaded with fruit buds!!  We are looking forward to an amazing growing year.  Enjoy the day!!


April 17. 2013

Well spring has yet to arrive with green grass and flowers; all we see is snow!  From the orchard's stand point this isn't so bad.  Last year we were dealing with unseasonably warm temperatures and then a late freeze.  We have completed the pruning and found more fire blight than expected.  We will be monitoring this very closely this year and hope to get a handle on it.  

We are just waiting on the weather to start seeds, put up fence, and plant honeyberries and sour cherry bushes.  



March 1, 2013

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, and its time to start pruning trees!!  We get excited this time of the year to get back into the orchard and see how winter affected the trees.  You may have noticed we now have a calendar page (under construction).  We will use that to announce special events at the orchard. 


 We've ordered 150 honeyberry bushes for spring planting.  Honeyberries are a member of the honeysuckle family, easier to grow than blueberries, ripen earlier than strawberries, taste similar to blueberries, and are fairly new to this area.  We are excited to offer this berry in the near future.  


We've also been busy building wooden bushel crates for apple storage and wooden trays for picking raspberries.   



February 7, 2013

January had us busy attending conferences and trade shows by MN Apple Growers Association and MN Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association.  We learned a lot of interesting things and look forward to implementing them at the orchard this year.  We will be planting Honeyberries this year.  They are a member of the honeysuckle family and ripen earlier than strawberries.  Honeyberries are similiar to a blueberry in color and taste.  It will be fun to experiment with them and introduce them to the market in this area.  Honeyberries are very popular in Russia and Japan.  Later this month we will be pruning trees. 


 As a friend told me a long time ago "We are one day closer to spring"!!!!  Enjoy the rest of the winter.


2013 has made its appreance, the orchard is getting a much needed rest waiting for the arrival of spring in a few short months, and we have time to plan for the summer and fall.  We hope each of you have a happy and healthy year.  We look forward to seeing you again.


November 20, 2012

We have officially wrapped up our second season and would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support and excitement.  It was a tough growing year and we sure hope that 2013 brings us the weather we in Minnesota are used to!!  Guess we will just have to wait and see what Mother Nature decides to send our way. 


It was a busy year with the orchard, but so rewarding to be working on something we all love to do.  We learned alot again and know that we have lots more to figure out.   


As we approach Thanksgiving we find ourselves thankful for this opportunity to provide our customers/friends with locally grown produce.  We have enjoyed getting to know many new friends and look forward to the future.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 18, 2012

Its been too long since the last post.  We have been busy at the orchard picking, selling, & getting ready for fall.  We still have Honeycrisp and a few Fireside apples. We also have for sale unpastuerized apple cider made from our delicious-nutritious Honeycrisp.  It is so good and is available by the gallon or half gallon.  You won't want to miss out on this special treat!!  Stock up for the winter by putting some in the freezer.


 This weekend, Oct. 18-2, 1 if you can guess the weight of your pumpkin it is FREE!  Bring the kids and see who can get a free pumpkin for Halloween.


The weekend of Oct 23-28 will be our last weekend open for this season.  We are having a special on Honeycrisp - buy 3 bags and get the 4th bag free.  Honeycrisp will keep in the refrigerator for 6 months so come out and stock up!:) 


The brilliant fall leaves are now on the ground and crunching underfoot, the sun sets early, winter is just around the corner and we are so very thankful for the many old and new friends & customers we have.  Thanks for being our 2nd Season!! 


September 7, 2012
It feels like fall is finally in the air with the cooler temperatures.  The apples are ripening up nicely, the pumpkins are turning orange already, and we have raspberries waiting for people to pick and enjoy them.  The apple cider press is almost ready and just needs to be tested before any customers can use it to press some delicious fresh apple cider!  Stop by with the children so they can play in the corn box or do some climbing on the hay bales. 
August 31, 2012

We will be open for business on Saturday, September 1st.  Hours are 9-5 and we look forward to seeing everyone!!
August 30, 2012

We are unable to officially open today.  The new goal is to open Saturday, September 1st. Thanks for your patience!

 August 21st 2012

         Man it's been a long time since we wrote on this blog!  I would say I should get on whoever was in charge of this, but it was probably supposed to be me :)  Well, fall is approaching which means things are revving up at the orchard.  We have had a bit of a rough year, battling a late freeze, hail, and all the insects and diseases that grow so well in the heat and humidity we had.  But battle we did, and we will see the fruits of our labor. (Pun intended, laugh here).  In the fight, we lost most of our SweeTango's and Zestars.  We all but cut down the entire planting of Fireside.  But we are left with a good crop of Honeycrisp, Chestnut crab, Haralson and SnoSweet.  Karen and I just spent the day processing 2 crates of plums.  The smell in the kitchen was intoxicating, but now we have the cleanup.. i am considering bribing the kids to do that part.  The sad piece of that is those were all our plums.  We don't have enough to open up and sell.  So I say to you the phrase that many a farmer before me has said.  "Maybe next year."  We are in the process of figuring out what to do with the raspberries this year.  You see, there are more than we can eat, but maybe not enough to tell the public "Come and get 'em!".. So I will let you know later what we come up with.  We will be opening the Thursday of Labor Day weekend we think, but as always, call ahead, especially if there is something in particular you are looking for.  We're really excited to see you guys, share a cup of cider, and enjoy our favorite season!  See you soon!    ~ Adrienne